Fien Vitamien
news It is good custom to say something about oneself in this section.
Most of my visitors will know me - I have no illusions of becoming a great cookery-writer with 1000 hits per day!

For those who don't know me: My name is Fien, I like to cook
From the time that I noticed that eating without gluten and/or lactose makes me feel much better I have found, adapted and written loads of recipes on that subject.
On top of that I am convinced that we, in the western world eat too much meat. We are omnivores, so meat is good for our bodies but too much meat will make us fat and unhealthy. It is a task to establish which food-pattern is a properly balanced one, I for one am no expert but cooking the way I do makes both my beloved husband and myself feel healthy so I must be doing something right.
We eat vegetarian fare most of the time. Once in two weeks or so I will cook something that contains meat.

If there is no source mentioned at the bottom of a recipe it either means that I made it up myself or that I do not know
who the original author is. If you feel you should be mentioned please let me know.