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baked fennel with saffron

beetroot stuffed with lentils on apple sauce

beetroot salad with endive, rocket, walnut and feta

black dal

burgers from brussels sprouts with apple fries

carrot soup with oranges and curry

chickpea stew with olives

chili sin carne

dal with spiced caramelised onions

diffusion de tomate provencal

dry vegetable curry


feta and pumpkin-filled filo pastry

feta tapenade

greek casserole with potato spinach feta

green bean and mango salad

leeks gratin with goatcheese and hazelnuts


lentil and pumpkinsalad

mexican vegetable dish

mousse of pear and marzipan

pea and goats cheese frittata

pear and gorgonzola dip

pikantika fasolia

pilaf with pistachio nuts spinach and herbs

poached pears in green tea

potato gratin with tomatoes olives and capers

risotto with gorgonzola

risotto with rocket and cherry tomatoes

the simplest curry of white pumpkin and zucchini

spanakopancake with tomato chutney

sweet beans from the oven

taters and carrots with salami and celeryleaf